Spotted | Neon Pink Tutu & Stripper platform shoes

27 Jul

If one would asked me what is it that I love the most about New York City, I’d say without a shred of hesitation “the unlimited amount of styles“. People walk around the city wearing outfits and/or accessorized that you would never see one wearing anywhere else. Oh wait… that is not entirely true, London is pretty much the same way too, and this is why we love the Brits!

Anyway, here is a white & neon pink Tutu that I spotted a few weeks back.

I saw this woman wearing this white & neon pink tutu and feeling totally cool about it. One may think “she must have been headed to a costume party. Give her a break”. There are some things that you can guess, call it your inner sense or just call it whatever it pleases you to call. The bottom line being she was not going to any costume parties according to my inner moi. In a normal situation I wouldn’t mind the tutu thing. I actually like it. I think it is a nice piece of clothing that can make you steal the spotlights… if it is paired with the right accessories, shoes and top…

Speaking of shoes….

I spotted this woman last night wearing those amazing platform shoes. Gosh, I think I have never seen something that cool and stylish in the same time. Not sure it is comfortable though. She said that she got them in a vintage store and that they are… – hold on tight! – vintage stripper shoes. WTF? I know.

Just found out that a little Google research shows up a decent amount of vintage wooden stripper shoes option. But the question remains….

If you said yes, well you should totally go and check out what Booty Cocktails (sigh) has to offer .

A tres vite…



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