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August Birchbox… I adore you.

15 Aug

Hey there,

2 weeks ago, I was browsing through one of my favorite french blogs, Punky B | The Fashion Diary, and Punky was talking about the content of her July Glossy Box.

Glossy What? What izzzz tis? … That’s what I thought.

And that’s what she replied: “C’est une sélection de 5 produits cosmétiques en version miniature que vous recevez chaque mois en souscrivant un abonnement, comme pour les magazines.”

Hehehe. Do You Speak French? If not, I’ll be kind enough today and will translate this part for you.

Basically, Punky was explaining that the Glossy box is a selection of 5 deluxe samples that you get every month in your mail box for something like 13 euros. WTF?!! OMG I thought. I want it! But they would not deliver in the US. Damn it Glossy! Why are you so lame difficult?

But I knew that uncle Sam had to might have something similar. Com’On the French have it and not Americans? No way – Yes way!

So I did a little research. Asking my bff Google what he’d think. And he came up with Birchbox. Even cheaper than the Glossy Box (well there is 4 samples instead of 5 – makes sense). I didn’t even think for another second and suscribed right away.

Got my first package this week and I have to admit, I am not disappointed. I love every single deluxe samples that I got. Except the black twistband. Not my thing. The weird thing though, is that when I go on their website, the twistbands they display sound way more appealing that the one I got… Oh wait a minute, this is called… marketing!

So here are the products that I was slucky enough to try this month:

From left to right:

The Cool Fix by Shaveworks; a gel that helps prevent red irritations and bumps. Really good for armpits, legs and the bikini zone.

Papaya Purifying Enzyme Mask by June Jacobs; a creamy mask that helps get ride of dead cells.

Photo Finish Foundation Primer by Smashbox; a primer that will make your make-up last all day long.

Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel by Ouidad; a gel to fight frizz.

Personally, I have – so far – only used the June Jacobs masks and the Smashbox Primer. And I love both of them! Seriously, the Primer is like candy on the skin. So soft and velvety. I could rub my face with it for hours. As to say if my make-up stays in place all day, I am not sure… I tend to have a mix skin – oily on the T-Zone – and despite using Smashbox Primer, it is still shinny and oily after a few hours.

The mask on the other hand is great! I love the fact that I can apply it on my face without feeling any stickiness on my skin. It still breathes. The mask is so light – I almost forgot I had it on!- And it smells wonderfully nice. Definitely a winner.

Will let you know more about the The Cool Fix and the Heat & Humidity Control Gel once I’ve tried them.

A tres vite…


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